Darling Downs – Moreton Rabbit Board

IT IS ILLEGAL TO KEEP RABBITS IN QUEENSLAND – Except if you hold a rabbit keeping permit.
Permits can be obtained, if you meet certain criteria,
from the Dept of Agriculture Fisheries – telephone 07 3087 8024
The Darling Downs Moreton Rabbit Board does not issue rabbit keeping permits.
Rabbits destroy the environment, the cost to the economy of Australia
exceeds $600 million per annum.
Maximum Penalties For:
Introducing Rabbits from Interstate $44,000
Keeping Rabbits $44,000
Selling Rabbits $44,000
Releasing Rabbits $44,000

If you require further information contact the Chief Executive Officer on (07) 4661 4076


Email us: enquiries@ddmrb.org.au