Rabbits are one of Australia’s considerable agricultural and environmental pests and are illegal in Queensland.

Darling Downs – Moreton Rabbit Board is a State Government agency responsible for the maintenance of 555km of rabbit-proof fence running from Mt Gipps to Goombi.

Queensland farmers have been battling the rabbit population for decades and DDMRB have been working alongside them to inform the wider population of the destruction caused by feral rabbits.

Increasing and spreading awareness of the environmental and financial damage rabbits continue to cause is critical in moving toward the strategic goals of eradicating rabbits within the Board’s operational area.

Environmental damage

  • Prevent regeneration of favoured plant species
  • Overgrazing that destroys cropland
  • Ringbarking native trees and shrubs
  • Competing with native animals and domestic livestock for food
  • Land degradation and soil erosion from rabbit warrens

Financial damage

  • Feral rabbits cost the Australian rural industry between an estimated $600 million and $1 billion per annum. (Source: Qld Dept of Agriculture and Fisheries)
  • Significant financial loss for Aussie farmers

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Do you know the difference between a hare and a rabbit?

DDMRB exists to help educate the local communities on the devastation caused by rabbits. Our priority has always been and will always be to put our Aussie farmers first and help protect their income as best we can by informing new and existing residents alike on what to look out for.

If you have seen a rabbit in the Darling Downs – Moreton Regions, please lodge a sighting to help us contain the rabbit population.