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Beyond the Fence

The Darling Downs-Moreton Rabbit Board (DDMRB) maintains the oldest and longest purpose-built, rabbit-proof barrier fence still in use in Australia, if not the world, and is the only organisation in Australia that is specifically dedicated to the eradication of rabbits.

This thoroughly researched and attractively illustrated book is a fascinating account of rabbits in Australia, of the 130 year history of the DDMRB, and includes reminiscences told through interviews of those associated with the Rabbit Board, past and present.

Rabbits are Australian agriculture’s most costly vertebrate pest animal and are the single biggest menace to threatened native species. The DDMRB protects 28,000 sq. km of south-east Queensland with a 555 km fence, much of which is top netted for wild dogs. Keeping rabbits is illegal in Queensland and for over a century, the fence has protected valuable horticultural and agricultural areas, safeguarded the natural environment, and reduced the impacts of other invasive species. With a well-maintained rabbit-proof fence, rabbit habitats that are swiftly identified and destroyed, and shared, defined responsibility between the DDMRB, landholders and government, we have the best chance at keeping rabbit numbers and their impacts to a minimum.

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